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New album Water Wind Вода Ветер Voda Veter is out now!

"Spirit of man,
Thou art like unto water!
Fortune of man,
Thou art like unto wind!"

(J.W.Goethe: Spirit Song Over The Waters)

Available on all digital platforms. 



Singer songwriter, poet and writer. From endless travelling through space and beyond, she is very much influenced by the greatest poets of their eternal time as well as the sung stories of some musicians, and she combines poetry and music as two siblings. Various music experiences turn her to the soft genres of indie folk melodies, and lyrics become the stories about life, about love and about freedom - the common search in everybody's soul.

She began my music career as a singer in the project Allegro non troppo. After this she founded her own band Swarga, with whom she has released one album. I has performed in Slovenia, Croatia, Malta, Italy, Spain, Czech republic, Austria and Russia, with the band Swarga she represented the European Capital of Culture 2012 in Belgium. 

Following her path, she continues to create as a singer songwriter in collaboration with different musicians from Europe and Russia. 

Born in Russia and raised in Slovenia, she writes in Slovenian, Russian (both mother tongues) and English, transforming the borders between them into new pathways of understanding and communication. 

Per intervalla insaniae (with Allegro non Troppo), album, 2006
To the Sun (with Swarga), album, 2011
Words from the Higher Worlds (with Bastyan), album, 2014
Following the birds, album, 2015
Take me as I am, single, 2018
Water Wind Вода Ветер Voda Veter, album, 2020  


Potovanja duše (Journeys of the Soul), poetry book, 2012
Preraščanje pomladi (Overgrowing the Spring), poetry book, 2020



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